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Social Innovation Training Programs

Does your organisation want to find innovative ways to grow this year? 

Investing in Social Innovation and Social Impact Entrepreneurship training is an opportunity to drive growth for your company. This provides a new source of creativity to your managerial systems, value chain (products, services, process changes) and your ability to penetrate hard to reach new markets. 

We provide tailor-made training programs, interactive workshops and project management services for organizations interested in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Human Centered Design Thinking, Value Proposition & Brand Positioning, Lean Business Models & Business Plans, and Go To Market Strategy & Execution.

Embracing social innovation across your organisation brings many benefits to your bottom line because it:

  • Provides a tool to engage, develop, and retain talented employees.

  • Allows employees to discover and co-create social impact business opportunities.

  • Enables your company to gain insights into innovative business models and new customer groups.

  • Gives your team a unique lens to assess existing markets and those hard to access.

  • Builds your team’s innovative thinking and leadership skills.

  • Improves your company’s corporate image and reputation.

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Individual Services

Social Innovation Toolbox for Female Professionals

Do you want to learn how to transform your ideas into a social innovative business? 

Investing in the Social Innovation Toolbox is an opportunity for you to learn how to transform your creative ideas into business solutions that make a social and economic impact. This guides you through the process of starting a social innovative business to do what you love.

We provide private training sessions, immersion projects, coaching and project management services to female professionals interested in starting social innovative startups. We specialise in Idea To Offer Creation & Testing, Business Planning, Go To Market Strategy & Execution, Project Management and Coaching & Mentorship services.

The Social Innovation Toolbox provides you with the necessary tools and mindset needed to:

  • Define a social or environmental problem and prepare a scope of works.

  • Develop and validate a hypothetical market offer.

  • Design your business model to take your offer to the market.

  • Improve your ability to assess the viability of social innovative solutions.

  • Develop expertise in transforming ideas into social impact businesses.

  • Build an innovative growth mindset and leadership skills.

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