My First 30days of Unemployment

//My First 30 Days of Unemployment

My First 30 Days of Unemployment

My first 30 days of unemployment…yes it’s true. For the past year I’ve been flirting with the idea of pursuing my passions full-time. At the end of July I finally threw in the towel…I quit my job and went all in! WTF I know…just when everyone is scrambling to hold onto jobs out here in the sane world. I got a Chinese business license, invested in a company, partnered with a chinese woman, and slept in my office – the latter, well… I’m not proud of it but I’m also not ashamed to admit it.

I gave in to the allure of voluntary unemployment! (I am taking an early retirement from traditional employment.) I never knew “unemployment” could be this busy. August was probably the busiest month of my life and I’m still recovering from its whiplash. What I’ve discovered is this “starting your own business” thing is a serious grind. If you’re bootstrapping like I am, then imagine the pace 10X your worst day working for “Big Corporate” plus the evil mind tricks that try to convince you that you’re CRAZY for doing this.

Many of us are using our craft for legit freelance work, side projects, side businesses , and side hustles. Well I’m right there with you hustling baby… and you’ve got my RESPECT!

There’s nothing more attractive and inspiring to me than seeing someone on their grind and loving every minute of it…despite the challenges, baggage, family commitments and other random events that come at us on a daily. Staying focused and committed to pursuing your passions 100% of the time is a true skill and I applaud you guys who’ve been doing it for much longer than I have.

I realise that if you want something for yourself then YOU’ve got to make it happen. Set the intention, set your calendar and align your goals to make it happen. Sure there’ll be times when you have to say NO to things, projects that you can no longer manage, events that you no longer attend, mornings when you no longer sleep in, hang overs that you avoid like the plague…you might even drop the ball on a few things. Don’t sweat it.

There’s no room for perfection and no judgement here. Yes, perfection can be a waste of time – at least this is my new mindset. Perfection can constrict us…limit us through fear of failing, suffocate us in its tight compulsive grip of needing to be right, get it right or ace it. Well I told Perfection that he and I just can’t make it work together – that relationship was just too toxic. I’m embracing the notion of “Living on my own terms” – this idea is non-judgemental, forgiving, and limitless. It creates opportunities to learn new things, try new things, break stuff, mess up and go at it again. Now I’m decidedly making the best I can with what I have and taking ownership for what I allow to happen or not happen in my life.

If your passions and intentions are in the right place (and you’re not causing harm) then go for it. It’s up to you. Talk about it with people that really care about what you want and share your spirit to create something bigger than yourself. Then take one step at a time and keep moving towards your goal. Blunders are all part of it…Everything in this life can be earned if you believe it to be true…and it starts with you.

Perfection can constrict us…limit us through fear of failing, suffocate us in its tight compulsive grip of needing to be right, get it right or ace it!!

So what’s holding you back from starting that project, getting that promotion or changing those habits you’ve had your heart set on.

Remember, you’ve got something to give to the world that no one else can because no one else sees life through your eyes but you. It’s YOUR painting to paint…so fill it with colours YOU want to see because life is too short to do anything but thrive!????

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading!

So tell me…what are you working on, attempting to work on or thinking about working on? I’d love to know!

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