Successful Life is Being in Control of Your Lifestyle

Success is Being in Control of Your Lifestyle

Success is Being In Control Of Your Lifestyle


An-Nung Chen Hult Prize Competition Winner 2015

Key Highlights

Why success means being in control of your lifestyle
Twelve tactics to live a successful life
Eight tips to be a successful social entrepreneur
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This session is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling stuck in your job, or in your country, or you want a change. You may be thinking about starting your own business on the side, but you don’t just want to start anything – you want to start a business that’s meaningful and does some good for the world.  We’ve interviewed An-Nung Chen a social entrepreneur and digital marketer.  In 2015  she co-founded an amazing coffee company called Impct Coffee for the Future – where the proceeds of every bag of coffee you buy go towards building schools for underprivileged kids. It’s an amazing story of how we can use business to solve serious social issues, like access to quality education in poor communities.

Like many of us, An was feeling unfulfilled in her career. Although she has a master’s degree in fashion merchandising and has worked with big brands in China’s profitable fashion retail industry (think Louis Vuitton and Armani), she knew that something was missing – “my heart was not satisfied,” she says. In this session An shares her journey of finding fulfillment in social enterprise and advice on living a more successful life.

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Success Means Being In Control Of Your Lifestyle

A success life is being in charge of your lifestyle and creating something you are proud of and … love, and surrounding yourself with the people you love. For some, it’s money and prestige – having the means and getting the recognition needed to live as comfortably as they’d like. For others, success means finding work that they enjoy, a job at which they are indispensable, working hard and performing well. Others still just want to make enough money to support their families and have enough time to spend with them. There are countless versions of a successful life and everyone has their own. It really just depends on what matters most to you.

An-Nung believes true success comes when you are in control of your lifestyle because you can set yourself on a path to continued success by being constantly opening up to new opportunities and possibilities. She advises young women hoping to embark on their own journey that there are meaningful things waiting for us if we choose to explore. Choosing how you live your life, what you do, and who you surround yourself with are all important factors for success. Don’t stay in our comfort zone, follow your desires, chase your dreams and you will find a new sky.

Twelve Tactics To Live A Successful Life

  • Be perseverant
  • Believe in your passion and your mission
  • Find creative ways to overcome obstacles
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Align all our efforts to one thing to see it flourish
  • Prioritize and arrange your life to make your goals happen
  • Be in charge of your lifestyle everyday
  • Create something you can be proud of
  • Surround yourself with people you love
  • Make difficult decisions to part ways when things do not align with your vision or goals
  • Inspire change and show that it is possible to do good in business
  • Act as role models for youth because they look up to us

Eight Tips To Be A Successful Social Entrepreneur

  • Develop solutions to change the world. It’s interesting and we can act as role models for youth.
  • Inspire change and show how it is possible to start businesses that make a profit and does good.
  • Find ways to overcome obstacles especially when working with vulnerable communities where resources are taken for granted or taken advantage of.
  • Make difficult decisions to part ways if things are not in alignment with your mission.
  • Align all your efforts to one thing to see it flourish. I don’t think of lack in my life.
  • Know your priorities and arrange yourselves accordingly to work hard to make success for yourself.
  • Do the work early on so you can have downtime later on.
  • Believe that you can have it all. Don’t see business and family life as making a choice between one or the other. Women can handle it.

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