How to Set Goals To Pursue Your Passions

How to Set Goals To Pursue Your Passions

How To Set Goals To Pursue Your Passions


Vanessa Narvios

Key Highlights

6 tips to set goals for success
How to start with your vision of success
How to develop the right mindset and positive attitude
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This sessions is ideal for anyone currently going through a difficult situation in their personal and professional life and have been thinking about making a change to pursue their passions or start a business. In this session Vanessa Narvios, founder of Where The Great Go, shares how she went from being a full-time employee in Shanghai to starting three businesses of her own without start-up funding and while going through a difficult personal challenge in her life. She inspires us to take strategic steps to map out how you want to live your life and how to set goals to pursue your passions in spite of having difficult life circumstances.

Look at your life and figure out what your vision of success if and if what you spend your time doing every day is not moving you forward to your goals then make a change. We’ve prepared a useful goal setting planner that includes some of the strategies shared in this session. Download the Goal Setting Planner here for a structured way to set goals that move you toward your passions.

Download your copy of the Goal Setting Planner here.

Goal setting planner

Six Tips To Set Goals For Success

  • Be flexible with your goals and be willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Your feelings change with new experiences and you may want different things.
  • Consider setting your goals based on a desired state of being like your desired emotions and then work backward to define what you need to do to feel those desired states. Example: What do you need to do to be free? What do you need to do to be successful? This leaves the door open to explore new opportunities because what you wanted a year ago may not be the same things you want this year.
  • Take the time to learn the nitty gritty of your business to appreciate what it takes to build your business.
  • Understand your skill sets and be okay with asking for help from professionals more skilled in a specific area; be open to learning from other people and sharing your skills in return when they need it.
  • Learn new skills to adapt to trends and stay on top of your business.
  • Build a supportive network and leverage it when you need help or advice.

How To Start With Your Vision of Success

  • Figure out what your vision of success: how do you want to feel, where do you want to be, what do you want to be doing
  • Focus on making your vision a combination of what your good at (your skills) and what you enjoys (your passions)
  • Start with the end in mind: focus on what matters to you and live your life in a way that relates to these things.
  • Align your vision of success and your current lifestyle because what you’re currently investing your time in should ideally be related to your vision.
  • Look at your life and assess how you spend your time and  whether or not what you’re doing every day is moving you forward to this vision of success
  • Prepare to set goals to change the way you’re living your life to achieve your vision of success
  • Recognize when things are not a good fit: pay attention to whether or not what you’re doing in your life or career fits your vision. Do you have the autonomy you want? are you doing something you can be proud of? are you happy with what where you invest your time and energy? do you have the flexibility to schedule your day?
  • Create a lifestyle where you can combine your skills, passions, and earn a living. For example, Vanessa wants a lifestyle where she can help women on their entrepreneurial journey so she has combined her skill of event planning and networking with her passions of travel to create a retreat business that takes women on professional development retreats in beautiful serene locations across the world.

How to Develop the Right Mindset and Positive Attitude

  • Take personal responsibility for your life to make things happen for yourself, to find opportunities and capture them, to take care of yourself, to put yourself first.
  • Focus on prioritizing yourself: your time, your goals, and your self-care.
  • Expect challenges to arise and use what matters to you the most in your personal life to motivate you towards getting your own business or passion started.
  • Persevere for what you want even if you only have a vague concept of what your vision is – Believe in whatever your work is about.
  • Accept that you will lose focus sometimes so start making changes in your everyday life to do the things that move your forward to your vision.
  • Work hard because hard work and learning experiences pay off in the end and make you better able to respond to new opportunities in business or in your personal life.
  • Stay passionate about what you’re doing because you will attract other passionate people to your project and you will gain traction and make things happen
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity: the world is small and you never know when someone will pop back into your life or when you may need someone.

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