How To Overcome Self Doubt and Change Your Life

How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Change Your Life

How To Overcome Doubt and Change Your Life


Ally Mona, Founder Limitless Lowai

Key Highlights

How Ally overcame self-doubt and changed her life from a corporate career to entrepreneur and full-time mom
9 Ways to overcome self-doubt and change your life
5 Tips to start your passion project
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I first met Ally Mona in the iTunes store in 2014 while searching for podcasts that could keep me company as I started a new life in China. I came across her podcast – the one and only in China back then called Limitless Lowai. Two years later, I had the pleasure of meeting her in the flesh and she is every bit as giving, quirky and hilarious in person as she is on her show. What strikes me about Ally is that she seems to be able to do everything. Wife, Mom, Podcaster, Seminar-giver, Network Marketer…man this lady seems like superwoman. I thought she represented so much of what many women, including myself, sometimes daydream about.
This episode goes behind the scenes of what it really takes to overcome self-doubt and why it’s important to recognize that you can have it all, but you can’t have it all right now. She shares how she transitioned from corporate life to pursue her own passions, and how you can do it too.  We’ll explore how she got started; her real-life struggles to overcome self-doubt, failure, and pivoting her business; as well as recognizing when to slow down and rest in order to be better the next time around.

Get the 90 Day Game Plan to Overcome Self-Doubt and Change Your Life

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Nine Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Change Your Life

  • Start at the beginning: Make sure that your project, idea, business, or whatever you’re working on, is something that you believe in. Ally says, “When you jump you should really be building something that’s personal to you that is an extension of who you are and your values.”
  • Do the work: When you’re just starting to work on your project, “you’re building in the dark,” Ally says. You don’t yet know what you want or how you can achieve it. You don’t know how it will turn out in the end, but it is your passion, so it feels personal and you’re hesitant to create anything less than perfect. Rather than let that self-doubt consume you, put your nose to the grindstone and remain focused on your purpose and the impact your work can make in someone else life.
  • Break it up: Ally subscribes to the 90-day game plan. It’s a “way of living on purpose,” she says, and it has contributed to her success today. When you have that larger-than-life plan for how you’ll pursue your passion, don’t look at it as a whole and work towards reaching the one big goal. Instead, think of how you can break your plan into smaller chunks and you’ll see that, “so much more is possible because, when you take control of your life for 90 days at a time, things happen.” Get your free copy of the 90 Day Game Plan to transform your business and life in 90 days.
  • Don’t try to be perfect: People are more comfortable connecting with a real-life human being with real-life flaws, rather than the superhuman perfectionist who always seems to have it together. “It’s not real,” Ally says. Rather, be your imperfect self, she advises, sharing that she “found more engagement,” once she stopped worrying about how she looked and sounded. “That’s what makes people feel like they can really be themselves,” she says. “How can you help people unlock freedom if you’re not free?”
  • Focus on who you’re helping: If you feel yourself succumbing to self-doubt, think about the people whose lives you’ll impact with your work or, of the people who’ll continue to struggle if you give up. Remember Ally’s mantra – “Jake and Jenny Expat need you!”
  • Ignore naysayers: “There are three types of people in this world,” Ally says:
    • people who are for you (they’ve got your back no matter what).
    • people who are for your message (not a bad thing, but if you change your tune, they’re walking).
    • people who are against what you’re against (at least you have something in common).“If you have two or three people in your life who are for you, your message and not what you’re against,” she says, “hold them close and really nurture those relationships … ask them your gifts and talent, ask them what people say about you when you’re not there to listen. But don’t listen to the other people.”
  • Listen to people who breathe life into you: We don’t have an objective view of our own strengths and weakness. “Often times we’re so blinded by our own doubt, our own woe,” Ally says. “People see things that we’re blind to and we have to trust to listen to the people in our world who absolutely adore us.”
  • Remember it’s okay: Understand that it’s okay to have feelings of self-doubt. “When you are called into something and you have an enormous amount of self-doubt it’s okay,” Ally says.
  • Trust that it gets easier: Things aren’t always awesome when you step out of the dark, Ally says.  “Every time you pivot … change something … feel like you need to flex, those doubts still resurface. But you can look back on the past experience and say, it’s okay. It does get easier but it doesn’t stop.”

Five Tips To Start Your Own Passion Project

  • Identify problems in your immediate environment with the people closest to your face. The people closest to Ally were other foreigners in Shanghai struggling to adjust to the new way of life.
  • Develop a solution that helps ease their pains. Ally’s solution was a podcast that provided helpful tips to make living in Shanghai more enjoyable for new and existing expats.
  • Overcome self-doubt by thinking only about the people whose lives will be made better by the work you’re creating. Ally’s mantra whenever she felt like giving up was,  “Jake and Jenny Expat need you!” These were the imaginary characters she created.
  • Put your blinders on and do the work needed to produce quality content. Ally listened to her husband’s tough advice to quit whining about giving up and just do the work.
  • Accept that self-doubt will always be a part of your journey and trust in the fact that you made it through your past experiences. You will make it through this too.

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