Lifestyle Redesign Saved My Life

Lifestyle Redesign Saved My Life

Lifestyle Redesign Saved My Life


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How to recognize when it’s time to make a major change in your life
12 Steps to redesign your life and go after what you want
20 Questions to ask yourself to determine whether you could benefit by redesigning your life



Have you ever found yourself in a financially or otherwise comfortable situation but were unhappy? Many of us do and sometimes making a change in our lives is difficult because it means that we have to get uncomfortable. This is not always easy to do, but whenever we want to make real lasting change in life to find fulfillment, to pursue our dreams, or get outside of our safety zone – it requires doing the work to assess where we want to go, and how we will overcome any challenges to get there.

In this session, Mel Ngui shares her past situation of being comfortable in her career and the decision she took to redesign her life completely in order to find fulfillment. She shares how she recognized it was time to change, the steps she took to make a plan to make the change, and whether or not her journey was successful. If you are curious about making a major lifestyle change have a look at the Lifestyle Redesign Checklist for pointers that Mel used to guide her thinking.

Get the Lifestyle Redesign Checklist

Lifestyle Redesign Checklist

How To Recognise When It’s Time To Redesign Your Life


In 2014, Mel was living a fast-paced corporate life in the alcohol industry. She was a Brand Manager in Trinidad and Tobago, at one of the country’s largest manufacturing firms, with an attractive benefits package, perks, and career advancement opportunities. Unfortunately, 60- to 70-hour work weeks were a norm as she raced to hit sales targets and meet deadlines. She was burnt out and unhappy like many professionals who are used to working long hours for corporate. While it can be rewarding but for some, Mel was unhappy.

Mel was unhappy because her source of happiness wasn’t coming from the inside. Her identity became wrapped around accomplishments such as work promotions, bonuses, academic achievements, and other external things. Something was missing on the inside. She genuinely did not want to spend life building someone else’s dream and she knew she could use her skills to contribute to something more. Mel became depressed and developed unhealthy habits which made her life seem more devoid of fulfillment. After an abusive relationship took a turn for the worse and close friends made an intervention, she recognized that her situation could be improved if she took the time to assess what she really wanted and how she could get there.

Mel’s story is not unique. She was fortunate to have had friends who intervened in her situation to help her redesign a life and escape a destructive path in her life. Many of us are busy making ends meet or checking boxes off on the checklist of life without taking the time to address root causes of unhappiness or fulfillment. Without noticing, things get out of control and we find ourselves living unhealthy or destructive lives. With help and some self-awareness,  we can make changes and redesign our lives to live happier and be more fulfilled.  

12 Steps To Redesign Your Life

  • Look at the way you spend your time:  what you do, where you go, who you spend it with
  • Visualize a new vision of success: be clear on what your success looks like, feels like, smells like, and paint a picture of this in your mind. Use a vision board with influencers your respect, images of what success means to you, keywords, phrases or other symbols to help you get clarity.
  • Set smart goals: be specific in your goal setting (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and do the work to make it happen
  • Realign your focus: dedicate your time and energy to the things that help you achieve that dream (relationships you build, content you read, projects you get involved in and so on)
  • Block your calendar: block out time in your calendar consistently to work on your goals and have the integrity to follow through on your timetable
  • Research options that fit what you want to accomplish: career opportunities, volunteerism, personal development, new skills acquisitions
  • Plan your strategy: work out how much everything will cost and what you can do to fill any gaps in finances, support, skills, knowledge and so on
  • Invest in your future: assess where you can invest your time, energy, and finances in opportunities that will give you a return on your investment such as education, long term fixed assets, financial instruments, strategic relationships with respected professionals in your field
  • Enlist supporters: share your vision with people you trust that care about your wellbeing and will encourage and support you in making a life change and pursuing your goals, find people who are willing to share their expertise and experience with you.
  • Avoid discussing your goals with naysayers: limit time spent with negative people or those who do not offer constructive advice in your life change, keep your energy around you positive and forward moving
  • Reassess your progress: periodically review what you have accomplished in relation to the goals you set and make changes to improve things if you find yourself falling behind
  • Share your story: sharing your journey builds morale and personal integrity by reminding yourself of the positive steps you are taking to improve your life and it will inspire others to do the same.

20 Questions To Check if it’s Time To Redesign Your Life



  • Do you feel mentally stimulated by my day to day work or projects
  • Have you lost the zeal to do the things that I’ve used to love doing
  • Is your schedule filled with tasks that don’t fulfill you
  • Are you bored with your life 
  • Are your days are on autopilot moving from task to task without much feeling


  • Do you believe you are destined for much more than what you’re currently investing my time on
  • Do you believe you haven’t yet lived up to your fullest potential yet
  • Do you believe you could do much more to contribute something to the world
  • Do you prefer to do more meaningful work rather than what you’re currently doing for a living 
  • Do you believe you there is much more to life than what you’re currently doing


  • Are you unsure what your passions are but Iknow that you’re not living them  
  • Is your current career out of sync with what you’re passionate about
  • Is there very little meaning and satisfaction in your life
  • Does Money alone make you happy
  • Is it difficult to create more time to do the things you really love 


  • Has it been a long time since you’ve made any major change to improve the quality of your life
  • Are you dissuaded from pursuing your dreams because the people in your life don’t share your vision
  • Do you start making changes to your life but find it difficult to commit to them in the long term
  • Do you go out of my way to take calculated risks
  • Do you fear the unknown 

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