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Heal Your Gut and Feel Like Your Best

We’ve not taken care of ourselves.

Heal your gut and discover what feeling like your best is all about. We’ve both been through some difficult times and we’ve not taken the best care of ourselves. We’ve put life situations and other pressing matters ahead of making sure we eaten the right foods, gotten enough rest, or put on our exercise pants to actually exercise.  Frankly, it makes us feel bad about ourselves because we can’t always stick to our plan. One day turns into two, then one month turns into five and we secretly hate the fact that we’ve not taken care of ourselves. Many women feel like this, and healing your gut is a first step in improving your health and feeling better about yourself. Our lifestyle is causing havoc on our gut and we’re not even realizing it. What’s worse,  we feel disappointed because we keep falling off the wagon.

What if I said that there is NO wagon?

Mel Ngui My Startup Nomad Lifestyle Redesign


Mel Ngui falls off the wagon too

Wagons don’t work for us because they don’t integrate into our lives.

We keep falling off this wagon because life needs to be unrealistically perfect for us to stay on the wagon. (Think about whatever program we tried to do be it a self-development, fitness, study, or weight loss). It seems we are only able to make a change when we have the perfect schedule, or when we have the extra help at home, or when we don’t have to work overtime, or when we have the time. The minute any of those things don’t happen everything pretty much goes to hell. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed we fall off the wagon. The wagon just isn’t working with our lives.

We are not the problem. The bloody wagon is!

We want something that works for us even when life is unpredictable.

Since starting my small business I practically work seven days a week. I take time off regularly but I have a pretty weird working schedule because I have an online business serving people in western time zones and I have a Shanghai business serving clients here. I cannot do the things I used to when I just had one job. You’ve got stuff going on in your life too which makes the change you’re trying to make difficult. We’ve both got to find something that fits with our lives and works with the habits we’ve already got going on.

Anything that requires us adopting new habits is going to be difficult to make work because our lives are already designed around old behaviors – the change is just not going to be something we can sustain! But there is an easy solution that I’ve discovered! We can improve one thing and actually see results and feel better about ourselves. By improving this one thing we’re able to focus on actually getting what we want to be done even when things don’t go our way.

I found a secret that can work with our lives…

  • Works with my crazy life and has improved my energy, mood, immune system, skin, and most importantly, the way I feel about myself. 
  • Simple to do every day no matter how busy my schedule gets, no matter how stressed out and overwhelmed I feel, and no matter how many people are demanding things of me.
  • Takes care of me and it makes me feel amazing about my body, my emotions, my mind, and my overall health.

So many women know this secret to feeling better and I want to share this with you!


Mel Ngui developed leaky gut

My painful past affected my lifestyle and my gut!

I suppressed a lot of painful memories from my past childhood abuse. In order to feel better about myself, I threw myself into working hard and partying hard. I put my body under immense stress by smoking, excessive drinking, staying out extremely late, wrecking a few cars, and not getting enough rest. I saw friends who did none of these but who were simply overeating or binge eating whenever they were stressed and eventually developed gut issues. My body just could not handle the stress and I got sick quite a lot. 

I never thought my gut was the problem.

I developed a leaky gut and didn’t realize it.

I am both anemic and asthmatic. As a child, I spent much of my time in the hospital hooked up to a nebulizer. Antibiotics were a regular part of my health care routine. In my twenties, I had a few asthma attacks and was almost hospitalized with pneumonia. Each time I was prescribed antibiotics and never took a probiotic to rebuild the good bacteria in my gut. I had never really thought about how antibiotics killed all the good and bad bacteria in my gut and frankly I never really thought this was important.

I developed a leaky gut after years of repeated use of antibiotics and chronic stress on my body,  In my late 20s, I began having minor problems digesting some foods (like grains, wheat, barley), was often bloated, lacked energy, and moody. I had no idea my gut was the problem!

Heal your gut to avoid what happened to me!

My leaky gut impacted my hormones and affected my mood.

Our microbiome is a key player in maintaining proper hormone balance. The gut microbiome affects your body by controlling the digestion of food, the immune system, central nervous system, and other bodily processes. When your gut is out of balance, our thyroid hormone is less activated which results in a slower metabolism, fatigue, hair loss, and recirculation of estrogen. Increased estrogen can result in bloating (water retention), tender breasts before your period, heavier or irregular periods, increased cramping, increased moodiness lead up to and during your monthly cycle. What?! I never knew this.

Heal your gut to improve your mood!

9 Reasons Why You Should Heal Your Gut

  • Stress, anxiety, and gut disorders are correlated

  • Nutrients are unable to be absorbed from food when we have a gut issue

  • Gas, bloating or diarrhea are common signs that our gut is not working well

  • Inflammation and toxin build up in the body happens when the gut is impaired

  • 80% of our immune system is in our gut 

  • Helps our immune system to protect our body by breaking down bacteria and pathogens

  • 90% of our body’s serotonin is produced in the gut

  • Gut issues affect serotonin production which negatively affects our feelings of well-being and happiness

  • Impaired gut causes our thyroid hormone to be less activated which results in slower metabolism and fatigue

  • Imbalanced gut can lead to recirculated estrogen which leads to bloating, breast tenderness, heavier periods and increased cramping

Heal Your Gut Now


Mel Ngui feeling better started with my gut

Our gut affects our immune system and emotions!

Our gut helps our immune system to protect our body by breaking down bacteria and pathogens. When good and bad bacteria are out of balance, our gut cannot help our body fight bacteria.  Our brain and gut are connected to emotional health. There are over one hundred million neurons in our gut, called the enteric nervous system, which work together with our central nervous system.  When our gut bacteria is out of balance, it cannot support healthy emotions or regulate mood. 

Healing my gut made me feel better about myself.

You and I are not the problem. The problem could be with our gut and there is a simple way to improve this.  Resetting the gut brings balance, restoration and a state of ease in our lives. I supported my gut with a gentle cleanse periodically and I also added supplements into my daily life. This coupled with being mindful about what ingredients are in my food really saved me.

Healing my gut created a craving to eat better, exercise more, and take care of myself.

I want you to know the secret to feeling better now!

10 Tips To Heal Your Gut

  • Do a gentle gut cleanse using natural non-toxic cleansers (my favorite is Doterra Cleanse and Restore)

  • Quit consuming products with sugar (bad bacteria feeds on sugar in our gut)

  • Take a probiotic everyday (look for one that is gentle and natural)

  • Support your kidney and liver by adding lemon to 8 glasses of water everyday (my favorite is Doterra Lemon Oil)

  • Eat fermented foods to increase the acid in your stomach (this helps digestion)

  • Eat garlic raw or roasted on a daily basis (this acts as a natural cleanser)

  • Get at least 7 to 8 hours rest each night (regular sleep cycles manage serotonin and stress levels)

  • Reduce or quit eating carbohydrate-rich foods like grains, rice, or beans (there are no essential carbohydrates)

  • Increase your healthy fat intake such as almonds, walnuts, salmon, tuna, olive oils (avoid hydrogenated fats)

  • If you eat meat, choose grass-fed meat and avoid grain fed meats (grain is a known allergen to your gut)

The secret to feeling better is to heal your gut!

Learn how I healed my gut and how you can start to heal your gut in 30 days using natural non-toxic solutions. 

Heal Your Gut Now
cleanse and restore for a better you