About My Startup Nomad

My Startup Nomad is a learning resource and support network run by me, Mel Ngui, to help overworked female professionals redesign their lives and career to do more of the things they love and live a comfortable, meaningful life. But what is lifestyle redesign anyway?

Do you want to spend more time doing the things you love?
Do you want to spend more time with people who matter to you?
Do you want to earn an income to afford a quality life for you and your family?

Lifestyle redesign made this possible for me and I want to help you do the same…

My Story


Does your current career exhaust and burn you out? Mine did too…

Five years ago I was stressed out, burnt out, and my life revolved around incessant work emails and business fires that I had to put out.

My career as a corporate brand manager in the alcohol industry was filled with long working hours where I was working between 60 to 70 hours almost every week. I was at the office during the 9 to 5, then planning events for the trade at night, and also attending events on my weekends.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • My life revolved around my career while my personal life and relationships suffered.
  • I often started personal projects but quit after being too tired.
  • I felt guilty because I was emotionally and mentally exhausted all the time.
  • I was missing meaning in my work.

Worse, I hated myself for not pursuing my passions or making a bigger contribution to society and social causes. I wanted to spend more time doing more of the things I loved.

Here’s how we can help you redesign your life to be happier, satisfied and fulfilled.



Do you want to spend more time doing things that fulfil you and make you feel good about yourself? I know what that feels like…

As I watched my personal life crumble, I saw my friends get married, have kids, and progress in their personal lives, something hit me. I decided to redefine my vision of success and stop tying my success to my career.

Success took on a new meaning when I focused on the things that I was passionate about, really good at, and also, what was good for society. I imagined what success looked like for me at 40 and set this as my goal.

This became my new vision of success for myself:

  • Setting my own schedule and how I spend my time
  • Doing meaningful work that I love in a part of the world that is new to me
  • Learning a new culture
  • Making a contribution to society through my work
  • Earning my own income to afford a comfortable quality of life
  • Feeling happy, proud of my work, sharing my success with people of similar values and thriving

I set this new vision of success as my goal. I knew it was time to make a career transition and change my lifestyle so I could work towards building my version of a successful life.


Do you want to make a career and lifestyle change but still want to afford a comfortable life for you and your family? I did too and now I can…

Mel Ngui as a Corporate Brand Officer before I made my career transition

The picture above was taken on my 29th birthday in my office. This was the last birthday I spent as a Corporate Brand Manager. The birthday candles should say 29 but my colleagues thought it was funny to put it as 92. I’m dyslexic so you know, sometimes I mess up numbers 🙂


At 29 years old I made the decision to leave corporate life but I wasn’t sure how to do it without risking my reputation, my income or my career. I needed an exit strategy that would allow me to press “reset” and land on my feet. There were very few resources available to help me at the time so I invested a lot of my savings (roughly $100,000) in an M.B.A, executive coaching and personal development to help me.

Three years after that picture was taken, I’ve learnt the hard way how to redesign my life to suit what’s important to me.

Here’s how lifestyle redesign transformed my life:

  • Relocated to a Shanghai and am learning a new culture (I’m learning Chinese and it’s hilarious)
  • Designed a career that I love which gives me the flexibility and income I want
  • Learnt how to start and run a business of my own that makes a positive impact on society
  • Founded a community of like-minded women who are redesigning their lives and empowering others

This journey was not easy but redesigning your life is possible.

Why I Do What I Do


Sharing my roadmap to make your career transition and lifestyle redesign a success

I believe in the transformative power of coaching and mentoring because it helped me redesign my own life. Jumping off the corporate ladder to discover your purpose is reckless without a strategic action plan. My team and I want to help you leave your overworked, unfulfilled career and lifestyle behind to redesign your life to be happier, satisfied and fulfilled.

Here’s how my team and I can help you:

Vision and Goal Setting

  • Assess your current situation and your desired vision of a successful life (career and personal)
  • Map out your vision of success and create a strategic action plan to redesign your life to achieve it
  • Identify a suitable career that fits your experience, motivational skills, passions, and unique vision of success

Learning Resources

  • Access online learning resources to make progress in your transition (tips, strategies, educational online workshops, worksheets and case studies)
  • Test out entrepreneurship as a side project to see if starting a business suits you

Support Network

  • Connect with successful women who redesigned their lives (while paying off debt, taking care of a family, or moving countries)
  • Get group coaching calls and private mastermind sessions to work on your action plan

My gift to you is for you to use our lives as a case study of what to do and what not to do – and hopefully, we share a few laughs along the way.

We are grateful to help you change careers and redesign your life to be a more empowered woman! Welcome!

Get Started


Download our Beginner’s Guide To Redesign Your Best Career to

The Beginner’s Guide to Redesigning Your Best Career helps you to:

  • Identify your motivational skills (what you are naturally good at and enjoy)
  • Discover your strengths, your passions, and what you can be paid for
  • Determine which career is best suited for someone with your experience, motivational skills and passions


Our Community

Lifestyle redesign is a movement

We have a small intimate community of professional women who are also redesigning their lives. Many women are like us, they want to live their version of success and live life on their terms.

I invite successful female entrepreneurs to share their stories of redesigning their lives on my podcast and webinars so you can learn from their stories. We provide useful tips, strategies, online workshops and actionable worksheets to make your journey more successful.

We’d love to have you join us and our community to fast track your success.