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About Me


Hi, I’m Mel!

I inspire women, who feel stuck and meant to do more with their lives, to find clarity and purpose to make a difference in the world! I’m here to share how I overcame my own painful past and how you can too. Many times we put our personal dreams and passions on hold at the expense of deep personal fulfillment. We never pursue what they are, and we never realize our true potential. We let the pain from our past affect our futureI’m here to help you live better by aligning your life to the things that matter most to you and to show you how to use your past to find fulfillment.

I specialize in Life Vision & Enhancement, and Natural Remedies to Detox from chronic stress often associated with not taking care of our selves. I’ve been guilty of not taking care of myself too. I am honored to walk with you on your journey to realizing the dreams you once had for yourself and owning your wellness.  When we are not fulfilled, every aspect of our life is impacted including our health. My goal is to help you discover what fulfills you so you can tap into the incredible power of you anytime you feel you’ve lost it. I offer programs to help you find clarity around your life vision, develop a structured plan to realize this vision and provide support and guidance each step of the way to make it happen.

I believe your life can change by working on something that benefits others, even if the something you worked on wasn’t perfect the first time. The people you’ve helped will remember, and the feeling you felt will persist so keep at it and make a difference. When we put our lives in the context of how we can help someone else going through a similar thing, we remove the focus from our hurt and start seeing possibilities for fulfillment. I believe in your past lies clues about what you are meant to do and who are you meant to be.

Let me tell you, it is my experience that the positive energy you put out by helping always brings many blessings back to you. We attract what we are at that point in time, even if it is hard to believe. I believe in the power of giving and my work is a reflection of the journey I have been on to make my childhood abuse worth it. I’m grateful to inspire you to realize your dreams and be the role model you have always been meant to be.  I believe in you. One day, you too will believe in you too!

Thank you for stopping by!

My Motto


Make it full of laughter. Make it colored with new experiences. Make it one of no regrets. Make it worthy of your time here on earth.

What Do You Want To Accomplish In Your Life?


When I was younger, I used to ask God what he wanted me to do with my life. I used to wonder why he gave me such a horrible childhood. I felt empty and unfulfilled even as an adult. I never knew what my purpose was. I always knew I wanted to do something meaningful with my time, efforts, and skills. I tried to find out what it was and then, after many failed attempts, I found it.

My story is not unique because many of us hardworking professionals feel unfulfilled at some point or another. But, it is possible to find fulfillment and it is possible to change your circumstances so that you continue to find fulfillment. My purpose is to help you do that because we rise to our fullest when we find deep fulfillment within ourselves.

My Story


I was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad. I’m an only child and my parents divorced when I was a toddler. I am thankful for my parents because they taught me the value of tough love. Most of my family moved to the US, Canada or England and I knew one day I would leave our island home too. I moved to China! I currently live and work in Shanghai.

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandma on her huge farm in the countryside. I love nature and if you dare me, I will climb any tree. When I wasn’t there, I spent time with my cousins on another island called Tobago fishing, hiking, snorkeling and being wild. My dad taught me how to swim by throwing me into our family pool over and over again until I got it. I loved it. I was a crazy happy child.

My life changed after someone who was paid to take care of me began abusing me. I was made to believe it was my fault. I went from wild and free to feeling ashamed of myself. This shame would stay with me for most of my teenage life. By the time I hit my twenties, I was rebellious and independent. I hated authority and broke many rules. I used my angst to push me to do things I was too afraid to do on my own.

I made friends who I would probably be too shy to speak to. I became outspoken about my opinions. I was a bit careless but I was growing a voice and growing a backbone. I was so naughty as a teenager that I always felt sorry for my mom who did her best to protect me. My father was very strict so I can imagine this made his blood boil. Like many teenagers, I skipped school, did drugs, crashed several cars and developed an addiction to escaping pain. So, I took it on myself to earn my own money so I could maintain my independence.

I earned my first paycheck at 14 while I was in high school working at stores that would hire me to sell stuff. I always liked feeling free. Somehow working hard at something was the one thing I could control and it made me feel good about myself. I learned how to channel this towards things that would build my life and not destroy it. I started several small side hustles to earn extra money and I did. I am grateful my parents blessed me with the gift of education and that I was blessed with a natural love for learning. I earned two masters degrees, a bachelors degree and am currently pursuing a diploma. I graduated with honors three times (which as you can imagine made my family extremely proud.) I was advancing in my corporate career, and learning how to see opportunities in my life challenges but still felt like it was not meaningful enough.

My life changed when I flew to Mumbai to work with friends on a project that helped illiterate mothers in Dharavi slum. This opened the door to work on other impact projects in Kenya, China, and Thailand. Something about helping marginalized people in society makes me feel as if my time is worth it. It pains me to see others suffer. Now I understand that I can use my life experience, my grit, and my professional experience to create systems and processes that improve the lives of people who are less fortunate than many of us in the developed world.

A couple of years ago I started a small coaching business to empower women to improve their economic situation to find freedom in their lives. Abuse has been something I have been unfortunate to experience, both as a child and then again as an adult. I am very grateful to still be alive. I know many women who still live in fear and shame of their situation.

Recently, I partnered with dōTERRA as a wellness advocate because I had been using their natural medicine for some time and I believe in their mission to use every drop of their oil to improve the lives of marginalized families in Kenya, Somalia, Brazil, China, and other hardship afflicted countries. I want the work of my team to count for something bigger than just us. I want us to work on something meaningful. I want us to make a difference.

We can all agree that things are connected. Your head, your heart, your gut, and your actions all affect the outcomes in your life. Your gut health supports healthy emotions and is usually neglected. Improving one of these things can improve others with consistent effort. I’ve spent the last four years working on my heart and my head (mindset). I worked hard to change my heart from holding hate from my past to holding love and then my head and my actions followed. Now I am working on my gut health. What do you want to work on now to see changes in your life?

Remember, no matter what your life situation is, what you make of your life is up to you. Struggling with an abusive spouse or person? Struggling with addiction (drugs, alcohol, binge eating)? Struggling with low self-worth? Struggling with making a change? Struggling with starting a side hustle to make ends meet? Struggling with mindset and health issues because of your situation? Struggling with being misunderstood and want to be part of a supportive community? I’ve got something that can help with that.

Deciding to change your life is a big step. Having a coach is different from counseling or teaching. The work is up to you. Your coach helps you to find clarity and give you guidance and tools to make the transformation more effectively and achieve results. Think of an NBA coach – all great athletes have great coaches. Having a great life too sometimes requires having a great coach that you can trust to have your back and one who’s been through the same hell that you’re going through now. Coaching helped me overcome my blocks and now I hope that as your coach, I can help you overcome your blocks too. You got this!

How May I Help You?


I’ve spent the last four years trying to make a difference in the work that I do. Now, I want to help you make a difference in your life. I want to help you make a difference in other people’s lives too. It always starts with you. So, whatever you decide to do to live a better life I am cheering you on! Reach out and connect with me to discover ways we can work together. I do online coaching at times most convenient to you. 

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Be kind. Be Patient. Be well. Be open. Be unashamed. Be love.

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